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SFC2000MF Gigabit Ethernet optical converter

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Còn hàng

  • 1Gbps managed optical converter, SFP slot type, optical equipment abnormality and optical cable disconnection alarm
  • Supports stable optical communication with management function
  • A converter that converts a TP port into an optical port for long-distance transmission
  • SFP (1000Mbps) 1 slot + TP port (10/100/1000Mbps) 1 port
  • Optical slot 100M/1000Mbps speed selection
  • TP Cable MDI/MDI-X automatic detection, Auto-Negotiation support
  • IP-based management function
  • Supports Auto Scan Management Program
  • Alarm function in case of optical equipment abnormality or optical cable disconnection
  • Optical port monitoring: temperature, voltage, optical transmission and reception values
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